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Plas Pencelli 2019

Monday 30th October 2019:

Update so far! We arrived safely and the first challenge was making our beds - this was interesting!! The rain held off until we started our adventure walk but that just added to the fun. Evereyone enjoyed getting wet and muddy walking through the Dingle and up a waterfall. Some children even lost their wellies in the mud! Tonight's activity is orienteering (in the rain). We are hoping for a dry and sunny day tomorrow and lots of sleep tonight!  

Tuesday 1st October 2019:

The children woke up very early today and extremely excited! There were two different groups, one which faired better with the weather than the other! One group went rock climbing, practising in the centre and managing to avoid torrential downpours before heading out to the quarry to do their actual climbing in the sunshine. They were fortunately in the minibus on the way back when the heavens opened again. The other group went canoeing. They, however, did not manage to avoid torrential downpours! In spite of this they had a great day learning to canoe, even after dragging their canoes, by accident, through some cowpats on the way! The water washed that all off! To top off a very wet day, in the evening everyone rose to the challenge of  the cold, dark and wet Dingle descent! So we're sure there will have been lots of sleep last night! Here's to a dry and sunny day on Wednesday. 

Wednesday 2nd October 2019:

It was a cold, but sunny start. One group went caving and had a brilliant time, squeezing through lots of small spaces and overcoming their fears. The highlight was having to commando crawl at the end through a tight tunnel to the light beyond! The children were all so proud of themselves. The other group went canoeing, in the dry this time! They got going and negotiated the 343m tunnel with no problems. However, there were a few 360turns at times! After a picnic lunch, Mrs Pascall and Mrs Young managed to show the children how to not get in a canoe by capsizing on the side! A few of the other children also did end up a little wetter than they intended but all had a fantastic time. We're not sure we've got any future Olympian rowers though in Year 6 yet! A fun evening last night and another good sleep. Looking forward today to all that Thursday has to offer. 

Thursday 3rd October 2019:

Everyone had a great night's sleep and some children found it hard to very hard to wake up this morning! The caving group started off quite cautiously but then flew through the all the challenges in the caves. They learnt quite a bit about geology too. The rock climbing group were unlucky with the weather again. However, they persevered and reached new heights! Many overcame their fears and there were huge smiles at the end of the day. A great evening and hopefully another good sleep ready for returning to school on Friday.

Friday 4th October 2019:

Today starts with packing followed by gorge walking which everyone is really looking forward to. There may be a few bags of wet and smelly washing from this week! We wish everyone a safe journey home today. A massive thank you to Miss Kidd, Mrs Pascall and Mrs Young for taking the children to Pencelli. It has been a wonderful week, inspite of some torrential rain, at times!